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Saturday, July 20, 2024
What People Are Saying

Note From Karen




Here I am again on another assignment that I volunteered for, a 53 year old mother of 3 adult children and Nana to 4 grandchildren. I arrived here at Camp Eggers, Afghanistan in May of 2010 dressed in my ACU's, a Kevlar (helmet), IOTV (bullet proof vest), my 9M on my hip and rucksack on my back, to a small FOB (Forward Operating Base) near the city of Kabul.

Linda, I want to thank you for giving me what you have with your inspiring blog.   I think without it, a lot of women here wouldn't be where they are today.

The "shining service bracelets" are a blessing. They have brought so many women together, not for a cause, but for women period.

The men love them too. One of my very close male friends here SFC Michael Jones asked me if they were just for us girls . When I asked him why he began to tell me about his wife Gloria who has kept his home fires burning during his years of service which is approaching 20. They She has supported all of his decisions regarding the military. She has loved him unconditionally even when things were tough after he came back from his deployments. I gave him a bracelet to send home because I knew she was one of us – a strong woman.

We are so blessed to have family and friends like you. You do realize that you are part of our family don't you. Something will be on its way to you come tomorrow. Enjoy it as we have the items that you have sent to us and the web site we have enjoyed.

I have finished reading your book and god it really empowered me to take a step back and look at my life. Where do I go from here, is what keeps going through my mind. I feel your 5 -Carat Empowerment Program would be a great help for all women coming home as there really isn't a lot of prep offered to us. As for health & beauty we have just come from a country that makes us a hot mess, some soldiers have lost their relationships or marriages because of a deployment Financially, there is nobody to assist during the deployment or after to how to properly set our money to good use .There is definitely a need for spirituality for all of us when we come back as things are completely unsettled. I look forward to working with you when I get back.


Note From Jaylin:


My new job is a great part in thanks to Shining Service! I met Theresa, who works for JP Morgan, at the last Red Door event. We exchanged contact information at the event and I expressed to her that I was seeking employment. I followed up with her, and she connected me with one of the recruiters at Morgan, I submitted my resume, went on an interview, and the rest is history! I will be starting at JP Morgan in May.

So many, many, many, thanks to Shining Service for creating not only an environment for us to honor veterans but also a space for veterans to connect and network. If it hadn't been for Shining Service, I may not have ever met Theresa.”






New York Times Article

The Military’s Rough Justice on Sexual Assault

By ROBERT DRAPER - NOV. 26, 2014

Kris, the only woman among 70 aviators in her squadron, was assaulted by another officer.
Credit Alec Soth/Magnum, for The New York Times

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